The Worst Part of Spring...

May 3, 2013

Dear Pollen and Allergies,

I thought I was in the clear, had somehow escaped my seasonal allergies this year. That living within a small city without much pollen floating around had saved my nose from constant sneezing, itching, and redness. That my eyes would not swell and turn more red with every scratch. Then today came and I realized I was wrong. Hello allergies, it hasn't been long enough. I'm not sure what it is about today that sparked your arrival, but you are not welcome here. My nose and eyes do not appreciate your company and bid you adieu.

I have a movie date tonight with my love. In a movie theater where they ask for silence. And here I am sneezing my head off because of you. I will be holding a box of tissues rather than a bucket of popcorn if you keep it up. Also, I have mascara on and wish to keep it on for the remainder of the day, which means you can't make my eyes water. Seriously, you have got to get yourself under control. Get your act together. I'm not playing around here.

An Allergic Mess,
Astleigh H.

Just when I think the sneezing is over, I sneeze once again. Tissues = my new companion.