April Showers Bring May Flowers

May 2, 2013

Late yesterday Pete surprised with me with a walk downtown and the purchase of an armful of flowers (remember that flower market from over the weekend) for planting. After several days of dark skies and clouds threatening rain, he knew just the trick to bring a little sunshine around. And more than that, the fact that he remembered how enamored I had been by the flower selection over the weekend, made my heart leap with even more adoration for him than I already have. We made an evening of it, planting and arranging our new, bright plants while taking in the day's sunset from our little porch. Now our apartment pops with color and looks a bit like summer both inside and outside. I've spent today loving the color palette around me and soaking in some vitamin D alongside my sweet little plants.

That man certainly knows how to put a smile on my face :)