Wedding Wednesday: Sacred Marriage

May 1, 2013

I never thought I would find myself reading a book in preparation for marriage. But here I am, five months from my wedding day, and Pete and I are halfway through a book speaking to the importance of faith in marriage. The book was given to me as an engagement gift from a friend, and although having previously heard of it, I doubted how it could possibly be helpful in having marital success. And then we started to read it. And my mind was blown by how much God was speaking to Pete and I, seemingly so directly as we faced and dealt with the exact topics we were studying. Originally, we used our travel time to read the book out loud and discuss our opinions and thoughts. However, we haven't traveled much lately, and consequently our reading lagged. Yet, there God was, calling us back to the book to pick up where we had left off. And every time we begin reading again, the text hits directly to what is happening in our life. Pete and I revel in this and appreciate what we are reading so much more, as we understand exactly what is being preached and how to implement it into our life. So, it has become a priority for us to set aside time during the evening to read a handful of pages and talk over our feelings about each chapter.

So what is this wonderful book? Gary Thomas authors Sacred Marriage, which gives spiritual insight into marriage. And not only does it offer ways to grow in faith as one flesh, but how to mature within and through marriage. Pete and I have found ways to revolutionize our relationship through challenging ourselves to find and display constant respect for one another. It won't only build our relationship up, but it is a spiritual discipline we should always practice and remind ourselves of (Ephesians 5:33). The book has also highlighted the importance of honoring one another, especially since it will lead us to honoring and respecting our Lord. Another aspect touched upon is prayer and the conditions of how it changes from single to married life. So although our prayer will change, marriage will become the tool to refine our prayer (1 Peter 3:7). Having just finished chapter 7 last night, Pete and I are eager to carry on with the following chapters. We feel that we are learning how to nurture our relationship as we continue throughout the book, and most importantly how to love one another as Christ loves us (Ephesians 5:25-29).

Pete and I are aware of the revelations that await us in our marriage, which will necessitate closeness and accepting each other in the "reality of a sin-stained world". Knowing how to respond to it all will determine if we are to have triumph or not. Our marriage will undoubtedly provide us with daily opportunity to grow as one, while simultaneously fostering our faith. If you are married or preparing for marriage, I highly recommend reading this book. Truly, truly it will change the way you see your spouse/fiance and give you the scripture and guidance you need in creating a strong marital foundation to serve your relationship and our maker.