Hanging Out With The Boys

May 6, 2013

Saturday I got a glimpse into guy time, where the boys played frisbee, peek-a-boo, chewed on plastic toys, made silly faces, and cooed. I got to hang out with a couple of pretty cool brothers, who were happy to have me tag along. Okay, so two of those brothers are just over a year old, and the other two are in their twenties (one of which I'm marrying). And the younger brothers are twins and the older brothers could easily pass as twins. These four have likenesses abound and it was a treat to watch them bond. I found myself imagining their future relationships and felt content in knowing that these four will be important parts of each others' lives for many years to come. Our time together was wonderful...simply it was a lot of good family time had! I'll let the pictures explain it all...

Where's Gabe??                                                         There he is!!

Sweet, sweet profiles! 
Really a beautiful day for being outside...
...and for playing frisbee too!
They've got ups...

...and tricks too. 
And when the frisbee is thrown over the fence, how do these boys retrieve it? This was their method...younger brothers, don't get any ideas. 
Zeke considering his future as an ultimate frisbee player while examining his hand. And Gabe checking out Uncle Pete's skills and taking mental notes.

The end of the day brought relaxation in the family room.
And I think it's safe to say they like each other!
Doesn't it make your heart melt? It certainly does mine!