Weather Mix-Up

April 4, 2013

I finally find myself thankful to be in Maryland today. Why, are you wondering? Because it's Spring and there is no snow falling and piling up outside my window. Which is very much unlike my hometown in Virginia where there is a snow/sleet combination coming down, covering the ground and roads. I'm not just talking a sprinkling of snow either, I'm talking a bountiful snow that made the green grass disappear in only a few short hours.

never thought I would be more thrilled to be in Maryland rather than Virginia, but here I am glad to be right where I sit. So after struggling to find things I actually like about this northern state, today's unexpected surprise of differing weather conditions has put a little smile on my face. Now, I have my fingers crossed I haven't jinxed Maryland's current warmish weather. I've got a warm weekend ahead and some much needed Pete + Astleigh outdoor time.

^^The end of March 2012 in Viriginia^^

^^The beginning of April 2013 in Virginia^^