Snow Day/Girls' Day!

February 5, 2013

Technically, our snow day started last night. It had been snowing all day, but hadn't accumulated much until yesterday evening. Once darkness fell, the streetlights illuminated the white fluff that was piling up outside and the temptation to play in it was too much. So we ventured out into the night for a taste of the fresh snow. Of course, today's first activity was to bundle up and head out into the several inches of snow that had been waiting for us from the night before. After our fill of snowy goodness, we headed inside to warm up, paint our nails, play a Disney game, and talk wedding details (well, the older girls). Successful snow day...check. Successful girls' day...check.

Do you see who's watching us from the window? 
How about now??
I've got a sweet guy :)
Can you see their excitement?
Unsure about all this white stuff... 
But the girls sure did love it!