A Big, Great Yesterday

February 4, 2013

5:30 was our start to the day yesterday. And we traveled through the Maryland mountains to Virginia for a special occasion! 
^^Literally through the mountains^^
And then we arrived in VA and were that much closer to our destination.
And look at who greeted us when we finally arrived...
Not just one girl, but two! 
And check out this little guy! 
We sat down and caught up...
while Astoria iced the cake.
And of course she had to taste-test to make sure the icing was just right!
Icing Success! 
Uncle Pete had some baby time...
Until it was time for a little brother/sister talk. 
This little man was just all talked out!
Then the baby shower rolled around. We were celebrating two special people (Pete's older brother and sister-in-law) and their adoption of twins (double the fun)! 
How cute are the decorations?!
And that food! It was delicious! 
The table decorations were themed baskets! 
Play Time
Bed Time (the basket Pete and I put together)
Mommy Time
There were fun activities for the littles at the party...Wild animals everywhere! 
Zebra #1
Zebra #2
She found the animal crackers! Can you see the excitement? 
Pete found some pajamas...always a kid at heart :)
There were games and lots of laughs...
Daddy-to-be had to change the baby blindfolded.
After the games, we ate some cake...
 (Really, how sweet is this?!)
while the parents opened gifts in their designated spots.
And then the shower came to a lovely end. We are awaiting the arrival of two sweet little boys and hope they get here so soon! Pray they get here soon!