Sister, Sister

January 11, 2013

There are seventeen months separating my sister and I in age. Saying we're close takes on a double meaning, because we are both close in age and close with each other. The two of us have been best friends from the start, even when we've been the maddest at one another. Childhood would have never been the same, nor would have our teen and college years. We have lived together our entire lives, minus the first year of my life and the first year I was at college (yes, that means we lived together while at VT). And now, as I am moving to Maryland we will experience our first real separation from one another and the fact that our time living together has come to an end. Of course there will still be sleep-overs (because it's acceptable no matter the age) and girl time whenever we can fit it in. No matter the distance, though, I can promise that nothing will change between us and if anything it will make our relationship stronger. As a testament to our sisterly love we decided on matching tattoos in the last of the dog days of summer 2009, mine on my left wrist and hers on the right (mirror images, just like us).

*All photos taken by Mary of Merry Studios
Through every sisterly disagreement, pretend tea party, game of house, and fit of never-ending giggles we have always had one another's back. Love you Lauryn!