Where did that name come from?

January 10, 2013

My name (Astleigh) has been a bit of a challenge my entire life. Not a challenge for me, just a slight difficulty for those first meeting me and trying to pronounce it. Generally people give a good effort to get my name down, but there are still those times that I get Ashley. The best way for me to tell someone how to say my name is with the following line, "It's like saying lastly, but without the first 'L'." After almost 23 years of using this tip, it's still not uncommon for people to get my name wrong, but I've accepted it and get a little (secret) giggle out of it now. I absolutely love, though, when a person not only pronounces my name right on the first attempt, but also when he or she gets the reference in which my name came from. So if you haven't figured out just where you've heard my name before let me tell you. Actually, let me show you...

Yes, it's true, you just got Rick Rolled. My first name was inspired by Rick Astley's English last name. See my parents were fond of the name Ashley, but felt that it was a very popular girl name and wanted something a little different. So after hearing Rick Astley's name announced on the radio and MTV numerous times it clicked for them exactly what they were going to name me. With a twist on the spelling, my name was born and a few months later so was I!