The Recovery Blues

January 13, 2013

I thought having foot surgery in January would be a good option. I wouldn't be missing out on the joys of summer with a bum foot. But have you been feeling this warm weather?! Yesterday, my thermometer read 72 degrees and I couldn't have been itching more to get outside. I kept thinking about all the walks I could be on and the hikes I could be taking. I was really getting very envious of the ability to hop up and walk outside, play around in the warmth, and soak in some sunshine. My best resolution to this problem was to open the window and suck in as much of the breeze as possible. So needless to say, when this monster boot is off of my foot (and there's another warm winter day) I will be the first person outside!

My view has upgraded from a splint to a hard space boot. Not sure which one is better....but clearly I'm super stylish either way ;)