Snow Much Snow!

February 2, 2021

A winter storm brought us 6" of powdery snow for a Sunday Funday like no other!  

We have had more snow in the last handful of weeks than we did all winter long last year. If I would have bet on how much snow we would have gotten this winter, I would have surely lost. My philosophy on the topic - if it's going to be cold out, then there might as well be snow. So while it's been very unexpected, it's been altogether lovely. 

The girls particularly love being out in it. They could spend hours out in the sea of white, cheeks becoming rosier by the minute. As for me, I much prefer the warmth and coziness of inside with the picturesque scene out the window. However, if I do coax myself to bundle up and get outside, sledding is still the best. Recently, I inherited my lime green childhood sled. As a kid, I always thought that sled was the fastest of fast. You know how so many things seem bigger or faster as a kid, and once you've grown up it's not so big nor so fast?! Well this sled really is fast, and I was delighted to find that out!

We spent a little of Sunday morning outside as a family - my personal favorite being Wells on his tiny sled. It was his first time really playing in the snow, and there's possibly nothing cuter than a bundled baby (in his sisters' pink hand-me-downs) with plumb cheeks peeking out from beneath his toboggan. Our boy loved sliding down the hill and being pulled around - just see his smile. He was also equally pleased to come inside and cuddle too. The girls were more in the mood for throwing snowballs, and they made their playhouse a retreat from the snowballs being launched by their dad. Not sure who had more fun with that battle - Pete or the children ;)  

We ended our snow time inside with hot cocoa, a fire, and cartoons. Currently, the snow is still very much hanging around, melting ever so slowly. The forecast says there could be snow this weekend...