Tree Farm Magic

December 1, 2020

Our annual hunt for a Christmas tree that is as wide as it is tall, and boasts an aroma that I would love to bottle up!

I have a new favorite photo of Greer, and it's this one. She looks so grown up and angelic, full of joy and innocence. We are a mere twenty days away from her 5th birthday, and I am in awe of the little lady she has become over the last handful of years. And it's gone by increasingly faster with every passing year. 

And speaking of is it December?? I cannot believe that we are here, at the last month of the year. With December comes so many holiday festivities and goodness, despite the circumstances of a pandemic. There is reason to rejoice and find happiness in every little thing. One of our happy things is hunting for the plumpest tree around. I have never tired of trekking through a field laden with growing pines, searching for a tree that reaches far past my fingertips and looks like Santa's round belly. It's become more special with every visit as we introduce our children to the magic of cutting down a fresh Christmas tree. This tradition is an experience I wouldn't deny them or myself.