Thanksgiving Last Year

November 30, 2020

A look back at Thanksgiving 2019.

I never did get around to sharing our Thanksgiving holiday from last year. The post has been sitting unpublished in my account for a year now. And since I didn't pull my actual camera out at all this year, I figured why not share a look back to a Thanksgiving when my babies were smaller and we didn't even know the gender of baby #3. It's crazy how much changes in 365 days, isn't it?!

Though this year was wildly different in the world, we made Thanksgiving in our home feel like it has in recent years. Small, intimate family time split between baking/cooking in the kitchen and getting outside for a walk in the last of the crisp fall air. It's not extravagant or fancy, but it's all we need. And truly, it's what we have time to pull off considering our very full arms!

This year was extra sweet with our newest butterball; it's always fun celebrating first holidays, and this Thanksgiving was no exception. Just as lovely as it is to share the holidays with a baby, the magic really comes alive with our older ones who get the wonder and excitement of it all. Their joy really makes everything that much more special - Santa at the end of the parade; cranking the cranberries in the grinder; holiday breakfast; and so on. We are at such a fun season in our home with our babies' age ranges, that I wish I could hold onto it for a bit longer. 

If you're at all curious how Thanksgiving 2020 looked, head over to my Instagram and check out the "Thanksgiving" highlight on my profile. I saved bits and pieces of our day there! And you really don't want to miss out on how Greer really felt about stuffing the turkey!