Sister Snapshot Vol. 2

October 22, 2020

A snapshot of my sister girls and all of their goodness at four and two years old.  

Oh. My. Goodness! My girls have grown SO much, and while I clearly know this, looking at my first "Sister Snapshot" really jolts my mama heart. Where did time go?? Not only are they big girls, but Wells is a month shy of Quinn's age in that post. Good gracious. Someone bring me bricks to put on my babies' heads, or better yet, someone figure out how to slow all of this down. 

Greer and Quinn are at really fun ages - so many words, sister shenanigans, inside jokes, and a deep love for snuggling. They are constantly keeping me on my toes and in laughter. The two of them instantly became little mamas the moment their baby brother came home from the hospital, and he'll always be their baby...forever. They're also each others best friend, and it melts me. They love each other so big, and like any sister duo, they fight big too. But the make up hugs and sugars are pretty adorable. Sometimes I think it can't get better than this, but I know there's so much that awaits! 

Here are just some of the highlights of my girls at this age, a little snapshot of the goodness we get day in and day out. 

G R E E R   ||   4 1/2 years old
  • Oh my darling girl, how she is two months shy of five years-old just baffles me. I am astounded at her intelligence, whit, and sense of humor. 
  • She is quick to tell a joke or a hundred, all made up by herself no less. She has a deep love for making those around her laugh, and she is quite phenomenal at putting a smile on your face. 
  • This girl of mine has the most detailed and amazing imagination. If only you could see some of the dress-up outfits she puts together and the adventures she creates. 
  • She is the boss. As in, she takes charge and knows exactly what she wants. If you need direction, this girl will give it to you.
  • Greer is a little mama, and this intuitive personality trait has truly blossomed over the last six months. She loves her siblings, and has carefully observed Pete and me, using our parenting tactics and applying them to her sister and brother. 
    • ex: One morning I was in the shower when the girls woke; I told them over the monitor I would be in after I was out. So Greer climbed in the bed with Quinn to soothe her by telling her a made up story until I could get in to them. 
  • Her vocabulary and logic blow me out of the water. I often find myself silently saying "touché" to her reasoning. It also serves as proof that she does actually hear me ;)
  • She loves the holidays and the their magic. It's the best with her this time of year!

Q U I N N   ||    2 years + 4 months old

  • My Quinny Cat went from a baby to a toddler in the blink of an eye. I can't believe how very much she has changed and grown in the course of this year. She's tenacious and brilliant and my wild one. Her love is bold and her hugs are tight. 
  • This girl is never short on words. She talks all of the time in full, adult sentences. I kid you not. She is such a sponge, and picks up on her sister's chatter and ours and quickly learns how to apply it herself. It's amazing. She's amazing.
  • Quinn lives to the beat of her own drum. She is as stubborn as they come, and it's a good thing she is so darn cute. 
  • She is a little mama just like her sister. Her adoration for her brother was instant. She loves to give him sugars and stroke his head. And not a morning goes by that she doesn't exclaim, "He's so chute (cute)!" when she sees him. 
  • Speaking of adoration, she is smitten with Sissy. If Sissy does it/says it/sings it, so does Quinn. 
  • She has the sweetest singing voice. Oh my word, does she ever. And her dance moves put the biggest smile on my face, always.
  • Quinn has the slyest grin, and she gives it whenever she knows she is doing something she shouldn't. It's one of the cutest things I have ever seen, which makes it hard to keep a straight face.
  • My girl can't enough pink or dresses. If it's a pink dress, then she is in heaven.