Picking Apples On The Mountain

September 24, 2020

Apple picking is all the sweeter when you go twice in a season! We visited our second orchard over the weekend where we picked a couple bushels on the mountainside.

Over the weekend we took our annual road trip to Charlottesville for apple picking at Carter Mountain Orchard. I shared on Instagram the story behind this tradition; and if you didn't see it, here it is:

"Fun fact: Pete and I started dating on September 15, 2011. Every year since we married in 2013, we have unofficially celebrated our dating anniversary with a road trip to Charlottesville to pick apples and enjoy the city. As each year passes, we’ve added babies, another year of life under our belts, and a new appreciation for traditions and simple joys. This year makes our 7th year (what?!), and it still feels as special as the first time.

I’ve got my iced cold brew in hand, a handful of babes snuggled in the back, a handsome husband at the wheel, and dreams of apple desserts for the weekend." 

I have loved this tradition from the beginning, and even though we now have an orchard much closer to us, we still enjoy making the family trek north. And you can never have too many apples, right?? Okay, maybe you can, but still! We didn't want to pass this visit up, especially considering the ideal weather and the chance to make fall the best in a very weird year. 

The mountainside was a bit drizzly, but the temperatures were cool and the skies perfectly overcast. We enjoyed collecting our apples then sipping on an apple cider slush while munching on fresh cider donuts. I'm finding more and more that the simple joys are what life is made of. And this blog post is made of a whole lot of pictures capturing that. Enjoy!