Our Favorite Fall Children's Books

September 16, 2020

Our girls are avid readers, and we are huge fans of seasonal and holiday books. Each year we add a book or two to our collection, and here are this year's picks! 

Today I'm sharing our autumn book picks, a few that are new to our growing compilation along with some old faves. The stories are the most important part; no one likes a book dud. But, I'm a sucker for a beautiful book cover. Anyone else? So I am the first to admit that I do in fact judge an actual book by its cover when it comes to finding new reads. I am inherently drawn to a book if the cover is aesthetically pleasing. So if the book fits the bill - 1. pretty cover  2. an exceptional/cute story, then the Hills are happy to welcome it home. 

Now that I have floating bookshelves again - man, did I miss them - I am quite thrilled to use our seasonal and holiday books as decoration. The girls (and even Pete) really enjoy the books on display, which not only makes for a pretty sight, but also for easy access to our favorite reads. There's something charming and quaint about a collection of lovely books all lined up in rows.

I hope you'll find some inspiration for fall books for your kiddos. Stay tuned for my Halloween picks - coming in the next couple of weeks! Scroll to the bottom of the post for links to all of the book recommendations + our acrylic shelves.

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