Friday Chatter: Hello, August!

August 7, 2020

I absolutely cannot believe that it's August. This year takes the cake for craziest, and somehow we've survived it to this point. August feels kind of like a fresh start for me and I love having that sense of renewal after the midway mark in a year. I need that blank slate, the coming of fall, the joy of the holidays upon us. It's cozy, and that's my love language. As we sit in the uncertainty of so many things, one thing I do know is how much happiness I plan to cultivate over the coming months. We will decorate our house in all things crimson and pumpkin; we'll bake every cinnamon thing; we carry out our autumn traditions; we'll open windows wide on crisp days; we'll lounge in holiday-themed pajamas; and we'll relish in the magic that the rest of the years gifts us.

We're over here trying to take it day-by-day, more than we ever have before. And I have to admit that's been a challenge for me, because I love to plan ahead, to have it all laid out. But, we're living in a reality that could change at any moment, and instead of fight it, I'm learning to be present and live in it. I truly want this new season to be chalk full of goodness and laughter and some of our best memories. I won't get back a 4-year-old Greer, 2-year-old Quinn, and baby Wells, so I don't want to waste this time waiting for our old normal to return and holding out for what could be. We're going with what is and how we do that to our best ability. 

I didn't plan to get on that soapbox, but here I am and it feels good to type it. I hope it gives you a little inspiration and some hope. And do you know what has me super excited?? The official launch of my (still-in-progress) blog rebrand next week! There will be so much goodness coming and I can't wait to share it with you! Do you know what else will be launching with the blog's rebrand??? The On Oak + Co. shop, which means all the fall candles and apparel! Can I get a hallelujah! 

Here are some of the things I'm loving from my week...
  • This fan is fantastic! We use it for Wells when we're out in this summer heat, and it's so easy to attach it to his stroller or anywhere because of its flexible legs. It's also battery-operated and rechargeable! 
  • I ordered these straws and can't wait for them to arrive! I'm obsessed with the color combo! 
  • Another thing I ordered....this fall coloring book. I have loved to color since I was a little girl, and I'm truly looking forward to winding down with this in the evenings. 
  • The red leaves falling from our neighbor's tree, floating down to settle in our yard. It's heaven. And the temps have been lower in the mornings, which means we've had our windows open a couple of mornings this week! 
  • Pete surprised me with these bluetooth earbuds and I'm so thankful for them, especially when nursing a sleeping baby! They work amazingly well and I can't recommend them more! pssst...the price point is great too!


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