Peach Picking In The Summer Heat

August 3, 2020

Long live traditions, even the ones in the dead of summer, though I do prefer the traditions that take place during chillier temps. About mid-July we made our annual trip to the peach orchard. I must say, wrangling three children under a blazing sun made this time around less than ideal. The heat is the most memorable part of our trip. We were so utterly shocked by its intensity, even under the cover of the peach trees. Like ants under a magnifying glass on black top, we were immediately sweating and uncomfortable. Plus, there were more gnats than we remember from years past. The combination was....well it wasn't too fun. And it is the fastest we've picked peaches to date!

Once we filled our bag full, we dashed out of the orchard for the relief of air conditioning in the van. Pete ran to grab us peach slushes, an absolute favorite, but y'all, it was so hot the peach slushes were peach juice. It was too hot out for the machines to keep the delicious drink frozen (the store is an outdoor space too). Insane, right?! And this was all at 10:30 in the morning

The peaches, of course, were perfection. Nothing beats a fresh peach! We enjoyed the peaches in multiple desserts and as-is over our weekend visit in Pete's hometown. Next year we'll be praying for a little less heat and a little more time in the peach orchard!