Escape To The Strawberry Patch

May 27, 2020

I've lost track of how many weeks we've been quarantined. I know it's in the double digits though. So when the weather turned nice and we felt up for a little excursion, we headed to the strawberry patch for fresh air and ripe berries. Of course, the way we do things has changed slightly, and we found ourselves in mandatory masks and gloves. A little weird, but worth it for the experience. For being outside, for being away from home, for a little sliver of normalcy. I can't tell you how nice it was to be doing something we love and consider an annual tradition. Even if picking strawberries with three children under five can be a bit chaotic ;)

Regardless of how we looked while picking red berries under a warm spring sun, it felt the same as always. And we learned a couple of new things too: a.) Quinn does a really (surprisingly) good job at picking only ripe strawberries b.) Quinn will stick red clay in her mouth just to taste. That girl is  always surprising us with something new! 

After you scroll through this year's strawberry picking, you should see last year's for a little look back! My how the girls have grown!