Our Apple Picking Tradition

October 2, 2019

Y'all know we didn't let the month of September pass us by without heading to the apple orchard! But my word was it HOT! You would think we were in the middle of July on top of the mountain harvesting our bounty of apples. Not only that, but it was crazy crowded. Everyone must have had the same idea....dress in the fall clothes, head to the orchard, pretend it feels like a cool + crisp day. The four of us were a hot sweaty mess when it was all said and done, and for the first time ever, we couldn't wait to pack up and head off the mountain. Air conditioning has never felt so good. In fact, we enjoyed our apple cider slush with the van's A/C blasting us in the face (see the end of the post)!

Needless to say, apple picking is still one of our favorite fall traditions, and we'll never give it up. We'll just be more vigilant of visiting on a day that boasts cooler temps and make sure we're getting there first thing in the morning. Lesson learned. And even though it was a sweltering time in the orchard, the apples were the tastiest we've ever picked, perfectly sweet and crips. Perfection.