We're Going On An Adventure, It's Going To Be A Good One!

September 19, 2019

It's fairly late in my book, and I never do this, but here is a blog post for all of you night owls. I simply couldn't resist documenting the little adventure my girls and I took yesterday to collect all of the necessary items to transform the porch for fall. Sometimes, a bigger-scale adventure like this (by myself/without Pete) can feel a little over-whelming and daunting. But the weather was so nice - overcast and cool - and I thought it could be a sweet afternoon to spend with my little ladies.

For the most part, it went incredibly well. My number one tip? Bring snacks along. It will help your time together go that much more smoothly, I promise

We started at Kroger...because...
1. I knew for certain they had some of the more whimsical pumpkins for sale.
2. I needed to grab chicken broth for dinner.
3. I needed snacks.

So after scooping up our pumpkin selection, of which Greer most certainly had her opinions (just like her mama), and two small mums, we headed inside to grab the food items and check out. It went without a hitch. 

Next was a swing through the post office to drop off candle orders. Completely irrelevant to decorating the front porch, but nonetheless it was an additional stop for the girls - unbuckling, getting out, going in, buckling back up. It's a process, one which you hope won't make the rest of the adventure unravel. We made it through, no fuss, and then headed on our way to a local nursery. 

At the nursery I buckled Quinn into the stroller, put her snack in my cup holder, and let Greer be in charge of the wagon...until I loaded it with plants that is. Greer occupied herself with Quinn's snack, slating herself in charge of feeding Quinn a bite and then rewarding herself with a bite. Mind you, Greer enjoyed her special snack of dried apples on the way to the nursery; so she wasn't hungry. But, it kept them happy and content, so proceed on my girls! 

I landed on two large orange mums + six ornamental cabbage and admired some other pretties before loading up and heading out. Once home, we waited till Pete's arrival, and I swapped him the girls for a little time to myself for planting the mums and putting the porch together. I ended up with a little company from a certain someone **Greer**, but it was sweet to have her sitting next to me on the stoop as I potted our treasures from the day. 

All of this to say, and thanks for reading to the end, if you're hesitant to go on an adventure solo with your kids, don't be. Sometimes it turns out to be pretty magical, and you'll be so glad you did it. Even if you need a moment to yourself once it's all said and done! 

p.s. I have no final photos of the porch, but they're coming soon!