Something To Swoon About Vol. 8

July 13, 2019

Happy Saturday morning! I'm quite happy to see a weekend, y'all. This week has been busy, busy, busy. We enjoyed Vacation Bible School in the evenings; Greer thoroughly soaked up her time there, and I love watching her grow her independence (though it breaks my heart a tiny bit that she's getting so big), make friends, and experience a community of people that care so much about her and her heart for God. With our evenings full, Pete and I found ourselves splitting our time between the girls, reconnecting over late dinners after both girls were in bed. While a little fun to switch things up, I'm happy to get our norm back. 

the photo below...a firetruck showed up on the last night of VBS to let the kids have fun in the water. This was Greer's age group getting their turn; you've never seen so much pure, unfiltered joy.

To add to our busyness, on Tuesday morning I had to have a mucocele surgically removed from my lip. Sounds lovely, right? Apparently, if you bite your lip hard enough, which I don't even recall doing, you can damage the salivary gland and cause a mucocele (I'll let you Google that). Mine didn't go away on it's own, and after two months of hoping it would disappear, I finally headed into my ENT to have it taken care of. Y'all, I'm not normally bothered by blood and stuff - I had a c-section and wasn't bothered - but I about passed out during this. I think it was hearing the scissors at work on my lip, along with the tugging sensation of putting the stitches in that got me. I was so hot, sweating, nauseous, and praying I wasn't going to pass out on my doctor. My ENT reclined me back, put wet paper towels on my head and bought me a ginger ale from the vending machine after discovering the clinic had none on hand. Thankfully, no passing out occurred. Now I hope you're not a little woozy!

All of that to say, I've been adjusting what I've been eating all week to work around my healing lower lip and hoping that people who see me don't think I look like Frankenstein's bride. It truly doesn't look that bad, but it makes my talking feel a little funny + my lip is bulged/a bit swollen in the affected area. I'm sure I notice it way more than anyone else does.

what's caught my eye....

  • Before having Quinn, I was using this lash serum for my eyelashes. I started using it again last summer after having her because it works so well. See for yourself! But, the price point is meh. So I'm about to start using this (it literally just arrived on my front porch). I'll keep you posted how I like it. p.s. if you try it, get it from here because it's cheaper than anywhere else I've seen!

  • Last weekend husband started building doors for our built-in bookshelves in the family room. Easily one of the biggest questions I get is "Why do you not have anything on those shelves." Well we're about to, and it will all be nicely tucked away behind doors. Amen! #noclutter

  • You know I'm already thinking all things fall. I'm pinning away, and it makes me terribly happy. 

  • All the promotion of the Nordstrom Sale is about to make me lose my mind, but I'm also intrigued by what they have this year, and can't help but look. Here's what I'm eyeing if you're curious...

Happy weekend, friends! 

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