DIY Built-In Doors Reveal

July 18, 2019

Our latest DIY project has been in the making for almost three years!! I've been day-dreaming of the moment that our family room built-in shelves had doors, and it's finally here. I'm beyond thrilled! Not only does it look phenomenal and adds extra charm, but it also creates storage for the space. I love how clean and crisp it makes the front of the room look and feel. It's just all around wonderful!

To fully appreciate these doors, you have to see the family room before we started working on it.  It's come a long way! And my husband is a saint for going along with all of my design whims. We make a good team - I design. He constructs. And we meet in the middle when it comes to carrying the project out together/the building process. I like the balance. And I really like working on a DIY with him. 

I'll share in another post how we created this look and installed the doors. It was a fairly simple and easy project. Having two children to care for in the mix of projecting slows things down a bit, but two weekends was the right amount of time to start and finish this long-awaited DIY. And it was 100% worth the wait! 

One of the best parts of the doors is the way they have created hidden storage. I'm not much for clutter, and having open shelves lined with toys, books, etc., just feels messy. Now that there are doors to cover the shelves, I've got a new + functional way for Greer to store her toys. If you know small children, you know they love doors (why, I'll never understand), so having a set of doors she can operate to access her toys is like a small piece of heaven for her. I'm hoping it will encourage her to keep her toys organized and put away while they're not being used. So far, so good! 

Check out the built-ins BEFORE THE DOORS (above) and AFTER WITH DOORS (below)! 
I'm still smiling from ear to ear over this! 

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