Our Festival Around Town Tradition

June 19, 2019

It's as if this childhood tradition is the kickoff to summer. At least, that's how it felt as a little girl, and it still feels just the same as an adult. When the middle of June comes rolling along, the heat picking up its momentum and the mountains bursting with hues of blue and green from full foliage, you know it's time for the festival to roll into town. 

As is every year, we left our home an hour before the workday ended on Friday. We drove the 40 minutes to my hometown, and grabbed dinner with my mom and sister before finding ourselves in the heart of town at the festival. Last year, we skipped our tradition since I was less than a week from my due date with Quinn, making crowds and summer heat less than ideal. I was sad to miss the funnel cake and fresh-squeezed lemonade, but it made it that much tastier this year. 

The last time we were here, Greer was one and a half. This go around, my girl was riding the rides, playing games, and downing the treats. Quinn will no doubt be doing the same in no time (she's a fan of the funnel cake she got to sample!). I think there's something really special about passing down sweet traditions to your children. It's like catching a glimpse of the childhood joy you once experienced, but somehow watching your child take it all in is even better. 

Now for the fun we had...till next year that is!