Greer-isms || Vol. 5

June 3, 2019

I've come to realize that every age is a lot of fun. There's always something new Greer is discovering or learning, and it makes for some pretty funny moments. Since the last Greer-isms, my girl has changed so much. Not just physically, but intellectually too. She's quite logical (sometimes too much so for her own good!) and she's very intuitive. I love the way she processes her world and what's going on around her. It's magical in a way, and I wish I could bottle it up forever and ever. So if I can't actually do that, then recording it here is the next best thing.
Here's to another round of Greer-isms. I hope they make you smile as much as they make me! 

**matter of fact-like...
G: When I get married I can eat all the things.
(basically, when she's a grown up she can pick what she wants to eat. even if it's m&m's for breakfast)

**gave her a sip of sparkling apple cider...
G: I don't like it. It's crinkly.

**when brushing her teeth and she swallows the toothpaste and has nothing to spit out...
G: My spit's not working.

M: What's your baby's name?
G: Caramel Ice Tay

**on another occasion...
M: What's your baby's name?
G: A F J G B
M: How do you say that?
G: Starbucks!

The way she say's "surprise!"
G: Ka-prise!

M: What do you want to be when you grow up?
G: A color-er.

**after seeing a commercial for Disney World...
G: I want to go on that adventure! We'll go one day!

G: Can I be done eating?
M: Two more bites.
G: How about three??!
M: Allllright!

**driving through town with the windows down, Greer has her face toward the open widow with hair blowing everywhere and a huge smile on her face...
G: Mama, it's like a wind bath!

**as Greer climbs into my lap...
G: You're my best comfortable seat!

**right after giving her another serving of mac n' cheese...
G: My tummy is excited!

D: Do you know what Christmas is all about?
G: Let me come sit beside you and then we can talk. 

**while getting ready for bed...
M: I think it's time to take the princess shoes off for the night.
G: I want to fall asleep in them.

M: Greer, please stop being so demanding.
G: I'm not a man! I'm a girl!

**while watching her eat Jell-o...
M: How is it?
G: It's good. I'm taking little bites.
M: Good job! Do you need help getting it on your spoon?
G: No. It's just being a silly goose.
**smirks after finally getting a decent-size bite on her spoon. 

M: Can I give you a sugar, you cute thing?
G: Let's catch sugars! **as she makes a kissy face and pops her lips

**on a warm Saturday morning...
M: It's going to be so nice and warm today! How about we play outside this afternoon?!
G: I like the way you think!

**while watching a cartoon and a character asks the audience how an elephant showers itself...
G: With its trunk! It showers with its trunk!
M: That's right!
G: **with a gasp** We have a trunk in the back of our car!

**after being bitten by multiple mosquitoes...
G: Mommy, why do bugs think I'm a snack?

**proudly showing off her spaghetti strap dress...
G: These are noodle sleeves! 

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