Something To Swoon About Vol. 4

August 31, 2018

Happy Friday! This household is super excited for an extended weekend. We'll be mixing some project work with some play and some relaxation. I can't forget college football, that will be thrown into the mix too. These are hands-down my favorite types of playing on the tv, food cooking, productivity/checking things off of my list & family time. Now if only the temperatures were cool enough to crack my windows wide open. 

I'm so hopeful to be getting back into a regular posting schedule this fall (maybe I'll kick that off with the arrival of September). I'm slowly finding a rhythm being at home with two littles, but just as soon as I think I've got it down something throws it for a loop. You know, just an average day of motherhood. 

So what have we been up to lately?
  • I've mostly decorated for fall. There's still a bit more to finish up.
  • We've made and shipped out fall candles from our little shop, Twine & Cotton.
  • Our toddler decided to randomly potty train herself last Saturday. We've had dry big girl underwear for 6 days now.
  • I had my first Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. Unfortunately, it's been so hot that I had to get it iced, but it was still scrumptious. 
  • I've done a little furniture rearranging in our family room.
  • I'm working on the final touches to Quinn's nursery. Did you see that Instagram post?
  • Greer started her first dance class. She's taking ballet, and it's adorable. And she loves it.
  • Matching the girls in floral jams. 

What are some of our recent favorites?
  • This sous vide, which makes amazing eggs and the most tender meat. 
  • My go-to fall lotion. #cantgetenough 
  • This white noise maker that my friend is letting me borrow. It's pure sleep magic. 
  • This cardigan, which has cozy written all over it.
  • My fall coffee mug
  • This top coat of nail polish is amazing. It dries so fast and keeps my color from chipping so much longer. It's the perfect top coat when you don't have much time, but you really want to paint your nails. #mommusthaves

What do I have planned?
  • I'd love to make a pumpkin dessert. I'm thinking pumpkin loaf.
  • Reading my fall magazines.
  • Celebrating the unofficial start to autumn.
  • Decluttering every room in the house.
  • Finding a new fall nail polish for the season.

So while life has been a little crazy as we find our new norm, it's also been a whole lot of wonderful. I hope y'all have a lovely Labor Day weekend! xo

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