Picking The Best || Our Dual Baby Monitor

August 30, 2018

If there was one item at the top of our must-get list when we found our we were expecting baby #2, it was a second camera/monitor. We had been faithfully using our Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor DXR-8 since Greer was born, so it was a no brainer to keep with the product and add an additional camera to link up to our monitor. And just like before, we're as happy as we can be with the dual version of our baby monitor. Let me tell you why...

I'm an anxious mom, and have been since my first pregnancy. Putting our baby into another room (that I wasn't in) for sleep required a camera and monitor that were going to give me peace of mind. There were a handful of factors that I insisted upon when making this decision; so husband did thorough research to find the best. Here is what we were looking for and found in Infant Optics:

  • Crisp + clear video no matter the lighting in the room.
    • Black and White in the dark + Color in the light
  • Ability to zoom and move the camera into just the right position.
  • Option to increase or decrease the volume and screen brightness.
  • A long-lasting battery.
  • Not connected to WIFI.
  • Ability to talk through the monitor to our baby(ies).
  • Option to add on when more children arrived.
  • A reading of the temperature in the room.
  • Able to be hung on the wall, but also easily taken down.
  • Great to travel with.
  • User friendly.

Since Quinn's birth, we have been extremely happy with the dual options. All we had to do was connect an additional camera to the existing monitor. It's easy enough to watch both girls at once with the screen jumping back and forth between the two cameras every 12 seconds. There is also the choice to keep the monitor on just one camera at a time instead of having it switch between the two. All of the criteria above are features of the dual option too, which I love. Nothing is sacrificed when adding a camera. 

All of my must-have in a baby monitor have been met with our Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor DXR-8. The quality is exceptional and I find myself so happy with using this product for taking the best care of our kiddos. I would recommend this to an expecting mama, growing family, or mama who is at her wit's end with her existing monitor. Truly, this one takes the cake!

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