Junebug Bumpdate || 24 Weeks

February 27, 2018

Yesterday, Junebug and I hit 24 weeks, and I'm in awe at how fast these weeks are moving. Almost four weeks ago we found out baby's gender, and if you haven't heard, we're welcoming baby girl #2! We are so excited for a little sister to be joining our trio! And I'm really looking forward to watching my girls grow up together. I still can't believe I'm going to have two girls!

This time around pregnancy has been very different. Having a toddler running around changes everything about how you experience it, from the way my body handles picking up a 30-pound tot to protecting the bump from a wild child who just wants to wallow all over her mama when the urge strikes. But, it's a whole lot sweeter this time around too because I have a two-year-old who is in love with her baby sister and tells me all the time about all the hugs and sugars she'll be giving once she's here. My very favorite, though, is feeling Junebug move while holding/rocking Greer to sleep for her nap. There, in a little moment of time, I have both of my girls nestled right into me, and I'm pretty sure it's a tiny taste of heaven. So while time moves much faster as an expecting mama of a toddler and can be a bit more taxing, it's also more special than I could have imagined.

p.s. we have little lady's name picked out, and I can't wait to share when she arrives!

  • I'm happy to announce that the constant nausea subsided around week 21. It was a long-haul, and I'm so thankful it's over. However, I still haven't regained my appetite, especially come dinnertime. Nothing sounds like something I want, which makes planning weekly meals quite a challenge. 
  • Weight gain has steadied out at this point, and I think I've put on anywhere from 10 to 14 pounds. It's uncomfortable because when is weight gain ever a pleasant thing, and I'm not super excited for the weight that I'll inevitably add on by the end of this pregnancy. I gained 32 pounds with Greer, so I'm expecting something similar with little sister. 
  • The face breakouts have continued, and I expect them to until the third trimester shows up. This very much happened during my pregnancy with Greer, so I'm not shocked, but I don't love it. 
  • Reflux...that's all I can say. It's no fun, I don't like it, and I know it's not going anywhere until baby is here. I should buy stock in Tums. 
  • Baby girl is moving all. the time. I've been feeling this active little lady for seven weeks now, and it's the best. The bigger she has gotten, the bigger those moves too. Husband can feel her wiggles, and I can see her moving across my belly already. With Greer I wasn't seeing movements until much later, and husband hadn't felt her until 23 weeks. It's so neat how your body has a muscle memory with pregnancy and everything happens to much sooner. I kind of love it. 

  • I have overcome the lack-of-energy hump and am enjoying my extra energy during this trimester. I know all too well that the third trimester is going to slow me down again, so I'm trying to do all the things, within reason, now. 
  • Some nights I get terrible sleep and wake like I never hit my REM cycle. Those days are hard and leave me feeling exhausted from the get-go. Other nights, I sleep like a log. It's so random, and I never know what type of sleep I'll get any given night. One thing's for sure, I can't sleep without an extra pillow in-between my legs for extra support and comfort. 

  • I mentioned that I'm more prone to cry while pregnant, and really since becoming a mama, and that hasn't changed since my last bumpdate
  • I think it's really hard to make it through the winter months with a toddler. It's so cold out, the days are short, and cabin fever sets in quickly. So as spring weather has been teasing us here in Virginia, it's really lifted my spirits. There is nothing like fresh air rolling through open windows. I'm so thankful that we're on our way out of winter and heading straight for spring. 
  • I mentioned it already, but we're thrilled for another girl! I'm already dreaming of all the ways to match big and little sister. In fact, I just bought them their first matching clothing. How adorable is this crochet jacket for big sister and this version for little sister. 

  • I don't know what I would do without him. He's the best, and has kept our family going this whole pregnancy. Husband has taken over almost all of the dinner duties, plays with Greer when he's home from work to give me a moment to breathe, and even obliges me the back rubs I ask for :) 
  • He's keeping that girl-dad streak going, and I know he's going to be absolutely amazing with two girls. He's already superb with his mini-me, so I can only imagine him with double the girl and double the love. You've never seen a dad host a tea party quite like this man! 

  • We told Greer all the signs (she would understand) of the time of year baby sister would arrive....the grass will be green, flowers blooming, leaves in the trees, and warmer weather. A day doesn't pass by that she doesn't recite all of these to me, with a follow-up of "then Junebug be here." I can't wait for these two to meet each other!
  • At our last regular prenatal appointment, we listened to Junebug's heartbeat. Greer is so enamored by this, and asked the midwife if she would listen to her heart. This midwife is the sweetest and used the doppler on Greer, which just about melted my toddler into a puddle of pure delight. She hasn't stopped talking about hearing baby sister's heartbeat and her own. I'm really thankful for people like that who take the time to make something ordinary so special. 
  • We bought this book for Greer for Christmas, and she has loved it. So much so that she has it memorized. And I think it's been a big part of understanding what a new baby will mean. 
  • Just the other day, as I was loading Greer into her carseat, she started fussing. When I asked her what was wrong, she responded, "I want to see Junebug." I told her we had a bit longer to wait, which made her start the whining again. I asked why the whining to be told, "I want to see Junebug on the TV (via an ultrasound)." I'm pretty certain this girl is just as antsy as husband and I are to finally meet her.

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