Greer-isms || Vol 3

February 28, 2018

This age is so much fun, albeit a bit of a challenge at times as we dive deep into the two's. Greer is changing constantly, growing so rapidly, and absorbing all things like a little sponge. She is constantly amazing me at her thoughts and conceptualization of the world around her. I'm in awe of her big spirit, bold personality, and sweet demeanor. As bittersweet as it is to watch your little grow up, it's also one of the biggest blessings to get a front-row seat. Thanks to this girl of mine, there isn't a day that passes that she hasn't made me laugh at something she has said or done. Greer is certainly a bright light in our home, so full of joy and love and spunk. Just see for yourself....
Rocking in her child-size rocking chair.
G: I wub it! I wub it! Of course you do!

Arriving at Target...
M: Where are we?
G: Home!

M: What's my name?
G: Aswee
M: What's daddy's name?
G: Peter Wee (Peter Lee)
M: What's your name?
G: Aswee Peter Wee! followed by all the giggles
**She was given two plastic lizards and named one Aswee and the other Peter Wee. Apparently she likes us :)

After nap one December afternoon.
M: What do you say about putting up Christmas lights outside?
G: That's a great idea!

Anything happens that wasn't expected, whether good or not so good...
G: Oh my graby! (how she pronounces "gravy"; she has combined "oh my goodness" + "good gravy" for this sweet little saying)

Greer made a mess of her magnetic fridge letters. Husband asked her to clean them up before moving on to the next toy. She moves on to the next toy in the other room in spite of what she's been asked to do. Husband calls out to her...
H: Greer, come clean your magnetic letters up like I asked, please.
G: Okay, boss!

Staring out the front window...
G: Let's go outside!
M: It's cold out there.
G: Let's put on a coat. And a hat! And mits! (what she calls mittens)
Clearly this girl knows what she wants and the best way to achieve it. 

More about names...
M: What's your name?
G: Pickles!
M: What?! What's mama's name?
G: Mama Pickles!
M: What's daddy's name?
G: Daddy Pickles!
M: What's Junebug's name?
G: Baby Pickles!
We were all laughing SO hard by the end of this conversation.

Pats my belly and gives Junebug sugars, then walks away and turns back around...
G: I wub you, Junebug!

M: How old am I?
G: 28 for Mama.
M: How old is Daddy?
G: 27 for Daddy.
M: How old are you??
G: 22!
Yeah, I don't think so ;) 
M: How old are you??
G: BIG 2!

Another talk about our ages....
M: How old is mama?
G: 28
M: How old is daddy?
G: 27
M: How old are you?
G: 2. We all have twos!

M: Are we going start potty training soon?
G: Potty Train! Choo! Choo!

G: Hey! I wub.........**long pause for effect**.................YOU!
M: I love you, Greerzy!

Sitting at the dinner table eating, when husband starts singing a song. We don't allow singing at the table....
G: Daddy! Not at the table!
Touché, little miss. Touché. 

Driving home after eating out with family and staying up past bedtime.
M: Greerzy, are you tired?
G: **sighs** Yeah. I need to go to bed.

Eating dinner, and Greer puts a blueberry in her mouth, then it falls right back out.
G: Uh-oh, I dropped my mouth!

G: Mama, you cowor (color) with me?
M: I'd love to, but mama needs to get some work done.
G: grabs my hand and starts pulling me toward the floor for coloring... Come on mama, you be great!