TGoodnessIF + Some Favorites

August 4, 2017

wire basket || 'year of cozy' book || fall candle 

Y'all! I think I barely survived this week. Husband has been on a week-long work trip to Kansas and I've been single-momin' it. I think I started running out of steam Monday afternoon (not good). Luckily, my mom has been staying with me. And although it's such a help, it's just different when the other parent isn't around. Husband and I are good at balancing each other (we're a solid team), not to mention I just miss him. Good golly, I've never been so happy to see a Saturday afternoon arrive in my life. #cantcomesoonenough

So how about some favorites for this Friday before signing off for the weekend?

  • I can't stop listening to this + this. It's been our jam throughout the week, and I believe it will be carrying us through the weekend.
  • Now that August is here, the onset of fall feels so very close. Can I get an amen? I've already got my eye on this doormat for the fall/winter seasons. 
  • This cozy cardi arrived in the mail this week, and I can't wait to wear on the next chilly day!
  • I have a new favorite salad recipe, and I'll be sharing it next week. If you follow me on Instagram (@astleigh_hill), you might have seen the salad I was prepping for on my stories. 
  • There is a HUGE giveaway coming to the blog this month, and I am beyond excited to share it with you. Eek!
  • Swinging is a favorite that I must have passed down to Greer (that or all children love it). She is crazy about swinging and whenever our backyard swing pops up in pictures I always get questions about where the swing is from. So here it is! And it's even fun for adults :)
  • My copy of the Magnolia Journal, autumn edition, arrived in my mailbox this week. I am making the time to pour through it this weekend. **praise hands emoji goes here**

Y'all have a lovely weekend! xo

p.s. Twine & Cotton's fall promo ends tonight! Don't miss it! Now is the perfect time for fall aromas to fill your house! 

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