Little Love Letters || July Edition

July 31, 2017

dear weekend weather, 
the perfect tease of fall, you were beyond perfect. your chilly temperatures had me in a light-weight sweater, and you're overcast skies made for sit-back-and-relax downtime. i love you more than you know. come back soon!

dear back-to-school,
how are you already here? july did you really even happen?

dear  buzzing cicadas,
you're summer sound marks the end of one season and the coming of another. you bring back so many childhood memories that i associate with your rhythmic buzz. and i love it in a sentimental way.

dear glass vase
i've got the perfect spot for you in my home. just saying. 

dear changing leaves,
i see you. you're in my neighbors' yards and there are even a few of you in my dogwood tree. you make my heart sing. 

dear mosquitos,
get lost. i know you love me, but let me be clear, i have no love for you.

dear fall magazines,
i'm eagerly waiting your august arrival to my mailbox!

dear toddler jammies,
you are adorable. i couldn't just get one pair, but this pair too. And I'm thinking she'll need this set as well.

dear pumpkins,
let me just say, i can't wait to fill my home and front porch steps with you. i know this is a little premature, but you're my favorite and it's almost the season!

dear nursery,
you're almost complete, and i can't wait to put the finishing touches on you! psst...can i still call you a nursery now that you're a toddler's room instead of a baby's??

dear open windows and cool breezes,
you make my home feel cozy and lovely. can we keep this up through the coming months?

cheers + xo's

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