Friday Favorites

July 21, 2017

Happy Friday!! Someone pour me a tall glass of iced coffee or just tell me which way to bed. I'm exhausted, but also so excited for this weekend! We don't really have much planned, which makes me happy to have a low-key two days with my two favorite people. We've had a really simple week too, and with the weather so blistering hot we've mostly kept ourselves indoors except for some errands. I'd bring the baby pool out, but this mama has just had a lazy week. Anyone else with me? I don't know if it's the heat or if it's the mid-summer rut. My goal is to pull it out get husband to pull the pool out this weekend for a little backyard time.

On to some favorites this week....

  • I'm thinking that I want to add this salad to next week's dinner menu rotation. And then this bbq chicken naan too. 
  • The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is live for all! And you've probably heard a ton about by now. So check out all of my top picks for a little late night perusing! 
  • Twine & Cotton (the Etsy shop I run with husband for those who may not know) is releasing our line of fall candles for pre-order on Monday!! 
  • I think I might just be doing an hour-by-hour weekend this weekend. It's been WAY too long since I've shared a post like this, so I'm pretty excited about it! 
  • My nails are officially going dark. From here until next summer I'm using dark nail colors because they're my favorite and #bringonfall. Here's a color that I want to add to my collection!

Short and simple for this tired mama brain! I hope y'all have a lovely weekend, and I'll see you here next week. xo