Fall In The Shop!

July 24, 2017

It's here!! It's here!! Our fall fragrances are back in the shop, and I'm so excited to share our five newest fragrances + wax tarts with you!! I thought I loved last year's scents (I still do), but y'all, I'm head-over-heels, smitten with these new candles. They are giving me all the fall feels, and you can bet all the money in the world that I'm burning them non-stop in the Hill house. Husband has come to accept my craze love for fall, and he doesn't even object. #truelove

So what's new?? We've got a new double wick, which creates a more even wax pool and helps with the candle's warm throw (how well it spreads its fragrance). And we've got WAX TARTS! I never thought I would be excited about tarts, but never say never. Our tarts have the most festive design and come in a bag of 8. You can pick one fragrance for all 8 or you can pick two fragrances to divide evenly between the tarts. I found some of the cutest wax warmers; I have this one on a side table in my family room and this one plugged into an outlet above my kitchen counters. 

The fall preorders are open today and run through August 4th. Then all orders will ship out on August 10th. Why order now? Because you're candles will you get to you door sooner AND the promotion: BUY 2 candles (or 2 sets of mini candles), get 4 wax tarts for FREE in two scents of your choice. This applies to every two candles. So if you purchase four candles, you'll get 8 tarts free! 

No code is needed, but you MUST make a note to the seller in the comments when you check out, detailing that you are eligible for the free tarts and which two fragrances you would like. pssst....this is a great way to smell the scents we offer ;) 

L E T    M E    I N T R O D U C E 

If you have any questions about the candles or tarts, the way something smells, etc., don't hesitate to ask me! I'm thrilled to share these with you, and so looking forward to your feedback!

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