Little Love Letters || April Edition

April 19, 2017

photo by Rachel Wells Photography 

dear spring breeze floating through my kitchen window,
you are simply amazing and my very favorite.

dear pollen,
i sense you. go away.

dear starbucks,
tell me more about this unicorn drink. should i give it a try?? i think i just might!

dear trader joe's,
would you please build a store in my area? i'm jealous of all the beautiful flowers and yummy foods everyone else is enjoying from you.

dear easter dress of mine,
you are dreamy in all ways, and i can't get enough.

dear toddler naps,
now that you have dropped to just once a day, we're struggling to maintain enough napping time. please sort yourself out and make it to a two-hour span (at the least).

dear cold shoulder fad,
i love you, and i didn't think i would. i'm glad i gave you a chance.

dear dogwoods,
your flowers are a delight, and i think the pink ones are my favorite.

dear rain,
go the heck away. give me back the sunshine.

dear nail polish,
your light blush color is perfect for spring.

cheers + xoxo's!

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