Little Love Letters || March Edition

March 9, 2017

photo by Rachel Wells Photography 

Thank you for making my wallpaper dreams come true. You are scrumptious.

dear weather,
I wish you would find a steady constant, preferably with warmer temperatures and no snow. This fluctuating must stop. 

dear johnnyswim,
I could play Georgica Pond all day, every day. Thank you.

dear daylight savings,
I'm excited for your longer days, but I am hesitant how Greer will respond. Promise to go easy on her, will you?

dear spring fragrances,
you make my heart sing and my house smell like springtime paradise.

dear green grass in my front yard,
You are a lovely sight. I'm sorry the surrounding grass on either side of you looks so sad and brown.

dear laundry,
Do you think you could find a way to do yourself? I would so appreciate it.

dear wedges,
I'm coming for you. You were made for my spring wardrobe.

dear flowers popping up randomly in my yard,
You are such a nice surprise, and one I didn't expect to find in our completely un-landscaped yard. The tulips and hyacinths are making me giddy, but those daffodils are going to need to go.

cheers and xoxo's!

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