Five on Friday No. 2

March 10, 2017

This week  f l e w  by. As in, I blinked and Monday turned into Friday. I'm not complaining because some weeks drag by, and this just needed to be a quick week. Maybe because the weather has turned cold again and I'm counting down the days to spring or maybe because I have a stack of projects that I want to get completed. Either way, this gal is SO ready for weekending!

N O.   1
You all blew me away with your responses to the giveaway question from this post. THANK YOU to everyone who answered! I read all of the comments and feel so encouraged with moving forward with the dreams I have for Twine & Cotton! Speaking of the giveaway.....the winner is Heather Puzey!! Congrats, lady! 

N O.   2
Because they are good enough to mention twice in one week, these shoes give me all the spring feels. And I can't wait to sport them around during the warmer months. 

N O.   3
My favorite accessory lately has been my Roman numeral-engraved bar necklace. I chose to put Greer's birthdate on it because not only is it my first-born's birthday, but it's also the day I became a mama. (Any husbands out there reading this?? This would be a fabulous Mother's Day gift  **wink wink**)

N O.   4
I've been giving my nails a polish break over the last week. But, not I'm ready to put a pop of color on them! Do you have a favorite for this time of year? I'm think something like this or this or maybe this. What do you think?

N O.   5
I'm really wanting to get some large house plants to brighten up my spaces. And to go with some of them, I'd love a pot holder like this or a beautiful basket like this one. I'd love a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree to fill that basket. Any pointers on the best house plants?? I need them all, my thumb isn't exactly green.

Happy weekending, lovelies! You'll find me wallpapering, wallpapering, and wallpapering some more! Because three rooms are being wallpapered in the Hill House. #whatwasIthinking #itwillbeworthit :)

p.s. Read some little love letters I wrote on the blog earlier this week!

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