What We Will Teach Our Children

November 9, 2016

It's perfectly fall outside, the temperatures are creeping to the low 50's by mid-afternoon and the hickory trees are letting down golden leaves in the bustling wind, like it's snowing outside (see for yourself!). It's gorgeous out there and cozy in my home. It's peaceful here too. My bitty girl is cuddled up in her crib snoozing, I've got a candle burning, and there Christmas music playing (dare I say it).

I woke this morning with as much joy as I felt Tuesday, Monday, Sunday, and so on. Not because I have invested my hope and joy into this world, but because I've found my joy in an eternal hope, an eternal promise. The results of this election cause me no wavering in my hope and in Him. Truth be told, I've been feeling anxious about election day since the primaries, and have tried to avoid all things political since then. Not voting even crossed my mind. But, that wouldn't do. Out of nowhere I've been feeling so peaceful this week about voting and awaiting the results. I know that this does not come from resting in my own knowledge or conclusions. Because if that were the case, I wouldn't be feeling quite so peaceful. What's got me feeling secure is His steadfastness and faithfulness. And more than anything that this election was no surprise to Him. 

One thing that caught my attention this morning were the articles about how parents will tell their children of this new president-elect, a person that is supposed to uphold exceptional qualities as not only a leader, but as a role model. For Pete and me, though, we've got bigger fish to fry than teaching our children how to not act like Trump. We have to teach them how to not act like this world. How to not base their moral compasses and values in the mainstream of society. 

Our goal is to guide our children through life as disciples of the Lord not products of our society. It is going to be hard to steer our little ones in and around today's mindset. The influences that exist and the new social norms and standards are enough to make my mama heart feel burdened. I want to fiercely protect my children from all of the wrong and the hurt that penetrates our world. I can't though. What I can do is pass along the joy and hope I have. To share the good news with them, and set their little hearts on the true commander of our lives.

This goes without saying, but it's going to be a challenge to raise my children to seek out the Lord instead of the glittery and shiny objects of our times that bring instant gratification and no lasting contentment. 

So what will my husband and I teach our children?? 

  • That it starts at home. 
  • The way we act and behave in our home is a true reflection of our character. 
  • We should carry that behavior into public, having nothing to hide behind closed doors. 
  • We serve the Lord, first and foremost. 
  • Our actions should bring glory to our King, shining His light and truth to every. single. person. we meet. 
  • Prayer is essential. 
  • Manners are invaluable (my grandmom would tell you, "no hat at the table," y'all.). 
  • Respect is honorable. 
  • Beauty and self-worth come from Him, not man. 
  • Humility is irreplaceable.
  • Service is selfless.
  • Love is kind.
  • Honesty is gentle.
  • Compassion is love.
  • Conviction is telling. 
  • Determination is admirable. 
  • Dedication is worthwhile. 
  • Faith is everlasting.

We know we won't be perfect at this. We will fall short some days and do exceedingly well others. We'll pray constantly for guidance and direction in raising our children to be honoring to the Lord, to their values and stances, and to their country.

May this post-election day bring you peace even when you may be feeling turmoil. May you speak kindly today to those that share your views and to those that don't. xo