Greer Girl || 4 Months

May 3, 2016

F O U R    M O N T H S

My baby is growing faster than I ever imagined possible! Greer has been changing daily, keeping this mama and daddy on their toes. Her head is sprouting new hairs all the time, she laughs and it melts you completely, she'll smile and she's off the hook. You name it, this girl has us wrapped around her tiny precious finger. This new month is going to be full of more changes, and while we are sad to see our baby get bigger, we are also so very excited for her new developments and milestones. 

Over the course of the last month Greer has become so perceptive, taking in everything around her and showing signs of understanding what's going on. She's the smiliest baby around, and truly has the sweetest disposition. She's rarely caught crying, unless of course you're trying to put her down for a nap. She's figuring out how to snuggle, and I can't get enough. This girl of ours is the best. 

G R E E R   @   4   M O N T H S 

weight: 16 lbs 4 oz 
birth: 7 lbs 3 oz

height: 26 1/4"
birth: 20 1/2"

head: 16 1/4"
birth: need to find that out


Greer is a healthy eater, and she operates like clock work. Every 2 to 2.5 hours she is ready to nurse. I can't seem to stretch her much past those hours, unless of course she's sleeping. She wakes for her first feeding (on a good night) between 5:00 and 6:00 AM. That's her best feeding of the day. Then back to sleep she goes until she is up for the day, around 7:00. She'll typically eat again 30 minutes after that, and then bring on the 2 hour intervals.

She has really taken to the bottle, which was once a struggle. She rarely gets one, but when she does she loves to rest her hands on each side of it. It's nothing short of the cutest thing. In two months we'll be trying out solids for the first time, and we're excited for that developmental season. She's so curious about us eating, and she watches every movement, from the fork scooping up food to putting the food into our mouths. She's taking it all in, and I can only wonder what's processing in her brain.


Greer has been terrific at sleeping in her own crib at night. She goes to bed between 7-8 PM after nursing and being sung to. If she doesn't fall asleep from eating, then her daddy gently swings her and sings to her until she is fast asleep. Then into the crib she goes. She usually doesn't wake, but if she has lost her pacifier and needs it, she'll stir and grunt until it has been given back to her. This typically happens 30 minutes before that early morning feeding.

Naps are a whole different thing. It's like she has given us a trade off....she sleeps great at night so naps are optional. It's a bit of a challenge to get her to fall asleep for a nap. When she does, though she's out only if you hold her. Put her down and she'll be up in exactly 30 minutes. I kid you not, 30 minutes on the dot. I told you, she's like clockwork. So most days I find myself holding her to ensure she gets a great nap in, which looks like 1.5-2 hours. She naps twice a day, and will take a catnap around 4-5 PM (about 30 minutes).

Two weeks out of this month we experienced sleep regression with Greer as she made some big leaps in development in other areas. For a week and a half we had to hold her for hours at bedtime to make sure she was sound asleep before transferring her to her crib. If not, as soon as you laid her down she was wide awake. You'd pick her up and she back to sleep she would go. It was tiring for us, but thankfully the regression passed. 

D E V E L O P M E N T   /   P L A Y

This girl is ready to move! She wants to sit on her own so badly. But, for now she is happy to sit up in the bumbo, and that really gives her all the thrills. She loves to stand and would do so on her own if she could. She has some really strong muscles and will push against you to get herself standing with your help. These days our grip has gotten tighter on her since she loves to push against and bridge at any moment's notice.

Greer is now accepting toys when offered to her. She'll wrap her fingers around them and take them straight to her mouth. That's where everything she gets her hands on ends up these days. If she's got your finger or her chew toy, it makes no difference, girlfriend has it in her mouth.

She has taken an affinity to toys that make a ruffling noise and offer texture. Her favorite might be Sophie the Giraffe though. She still loves to pull blankets up around her face, so no blankets for her unless mama has an eye on her.

Tummy time is still not her favorite, but she can now hold her head up much higher than before. And now she'll let out a little coo as you applaud her good work. We're working with her on rolling over, and maybe by next month we'll have a rolly polly baby. I know one thing is for sure, she'd much rather sit up than be on her tummy or her back.

A huge leap for Greer in this last month has been "talking". She coos up a storm any chance she gets. She can make cooing noises that sound like "hi", "hello", "oh, yeah", and my personal favorite "I love you".

  • She had her first Easter!
  • She truly laughs now, and I can't wait for all the baby giggles to come!
  • She got her 4 month shots on her 4 month birthday. She took it like a champ and calmed right down after some lovin' from mama.
  • Greer will give you sugars (kisses) if you give her sugars on the cheek and then ask her for sugars back.
  • She prefers to stay awake in church now. 
  • If she falls asleep in the car, 9 times out of 10 she'll wake up from a deep sleep as soon as you get her carseat out.
  • She smiles all the time. Her best smiles are in the morning after she wakes up. 
  • She's a daddy's girl for sure. 
  • Greer now grabs hair, and I'm not a fan (nor is my head).
  • She still loves sucking on her fingers and fist. 
  • She has outgrown 9 month clothing (sleepers with feet) and is now into 12 months. Her poor little toes get all crunched up in 9 month pajamas, and the 12 month size gives her a little extra wiggle room. Our girl is so long!
  • She enjoys being outside.
  • Greer loves when you clap for her. 
  • She's a big fan of songs with hand motions, especially when you include her hands in the motions. 
  • She wears her bows and headbands without trying to pull them off. 
  • She loves doing Snapchat with mama and sending snaps to her favorite people during the day. She gets a kick out of seeing herself.
  • She also recognizes herself in mirrors now. If you exclaim what a pretty girl is in the mirror she gets to excited and smiley. 
  • She's moved on up into size 3 diapers.
  • Her new favorite pacifier is Gumdrop. Nothing else will do (trust me, I tried).
  • She has the best pouty lip.
  • Greer is aware of people that she doesn't know/hasn't been around a lot, and you can't just hand her over without letting her warm up first. Otherwise, the pouty lip comes out, and a slow cry starts up until her daddy or I can scoop her up. Then she's quick to settle.
  • She's had a touch of eczema, and with doctor-prescribed cortisone, which we mix in with her lotion, it has cleared almost completely. 
  • Bath time is now really fun for her, and she loves splashing in the water with her feet. She smiles while in her tub now instead of keeping a serious face.

F O U R   M O N T H S   P H O T O   C O L L E C T I O N

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