TFF + The Pick No. 14

April 8, 2016

You guys! How is it another Friday?!

Why am I even surprised that another week has come and gone? This week literally felt like a blip on my radar. It was busy, but not. Do you know that kind of week?? And I feel like I got a good bit accomplished, but I also don't at the same time. I blame it on the whole, never-ending to-do list ordeal.

In other news, I'm getting pretty hooked on Snapchat (find me @astleigh_hill) even if I'm not 100% sure of what I'm doing and how to operate all of its features. You can bet there is a whole lot of baby cuteness happening, so find me and follow along with our crazy antics ;)

Oh yes, one more thing, I love being able to respond to your comments with Disqus and have you getting notified that I've done so!! Hallelujah for a good commenting system!

Just kidding, I've got yet one more thing to share...the giveaway going on has your name all over it! Go enter!

T H I N K I N G  > About how to arrange my console table. I've got the bottom just how I want it, but the tabletop is leaving me stumped!

P O N D E R I N G > When the release date for the Gilmore Girl installments on Netflix will be! Have I missed that announcement? And for funsies, look what I stumbled upon, some sneak peak photos! EEEK!

N E E D I N G > A Home Goods near me! And a Trader Joe's too!

L I S T E N I N G > To the house creak. It's windy out and this home of ours is making all kinds of racket. Doesn't it know I've got a sleeping baby?!

D R E A M I N G > Of a workshop experience that I host. Who would want to come hang out with me on a Friday night, eat good treats, and get busy with a DIY?!

S W O O N I N G > Over Fixer Upper. I've been watching the older seasons on Netflix and I can't get enough. Can Joanna and I be BFFs already? Also, can she come style my hair??

May your weekend not be snowy (Virginia's weekend forecast), but warm and springy! xo

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