From Ordinary To Extraordinary

April 11, 2016

Happy Monday, lovelies! I hope the morning has been treating you well so far and the manic part of Monday is passing you right by. It dawned on me lately how needed it is for me to make each day a little more extraordinary for no other reason than just because. I don't need a special occasion or a holiday to turn a regular day into something a bit more fabulous.

So how do I do it??

I love iced coffee in the morning, that's no secret. And it's not always feasible (or budget-friendly) for me to get out of the house to grab one. So I make sure that I have my favorite (Starbucks Iced Espresso ClassicsVanilla Latte) in my fridge and ready to be poured out. I serve it in a fancy glass, one with a bright blue rim, and throw a decorative and playful paper straw in it. 

How do other gals do it??

"I make a point each day to do something for myself, whether that's fixing my hair and makeup, taking a hot bath with a glass of wine, or getting dolled up for a date night. I try to remember to take care of myself first so I'm able to take care of my boys." >>Ashlie Langston

"I like to buy a bouquet of fresh flowers every week! It's my little treat to myself for always making sure everyone else is taken care of! They make me happy every time I look at them!" >> Jessica K.

"I eat a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream with homemade hot fudge every single day. It's a rich reward to look forward to after the boys are in bed." >> Rachel Zimm 

"I try to wear one thing everyday that makes me feel pretty, like a bright lipstick, a fun earring, or even a sparkly headband on days when workout gear is all I can muster. When I catch my hot-mess self in the mirror throughout the day, my one thing makes me smile and puts a little more pep in my step!"           >> Chelsea Purifoy

"Lighting fun candles and playing French music in the background always helps my day to feel a bit more adventurous!" >> Hayle Olson

As a stay at home mom it's easy for me stay in pajamas, forget the makeup, let my hair go, and not venture out of the house for days in a row. But how simple it is to take my days and spruce them up, turning just one aspect into something fancier and more playful. 

How do you turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one??

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