DIY Wood Transfer Memory Bible Verses || My #MothersPromise

March 23, 2016

This is a sponsored collaboration with Pampers, Walmart, and Acorn Influence. All thoughts and content are my own.

It all started when I found out I was going to be a mom, that long list of promises I wanted to keep for my babies. From being their go-to and safe place to giving them my best even at my worst. One promise stuck out among the rest, being what I considered the most important. More than all other promises I can make to my children, I want my biggest legacy in their life to be sharing the Lord with them. I want each of my babes to know Him and His promises to all of His children. First and foremost I want husband and I to show them the Lord through our lives, and may that stream down into their lives. Tangibly, I want to share the Bible with them, from reading His word to memorizing verses. 

Greer's life is a testament to the grace and faithfulness of the Lord. Husband and I want Greer (and her future siblings) to not only know the Lord, but to know who He is and the sovereignty He has over their lives. Whenever I wonder who He is, I find my answer in the words of His people, those who wrote the Bible. It is clear throughout who our mighty Father is and how we are to live our lives to glorify Him. As soon as Greer can talk we will begin memorizing verses with her. I wanted a unique way to display these verses, a way that she could hold them in her hands. That's when I decided to transfer my designs onto circular chips of wood. So the crafting began. 

I started my project sitting on the couch with husband. We combed through verses and picked out the ones we loved best, those that shared the character of the Lord and who the Almighty is. Next I headed to the computer and sat down to design each graphic. I wanted Greer to have a beautiful background to the already beautiful verses she would be memorizing. As a designer, the aesthetic was an important aspect to me too, and I feel that as she stores the verses away in her memory, when she recalls them she will also see the chip of wood in which it was displayed on.

  • What You'll Need
    • Acrylic Gloss Medium
    • Mod Podge
    • Chips of wood (any size or shape)
    • 2 sponge brushes
    • Gift card (for smoothing the verses out onto the wood)
    • Washcloth
    • Bible verses printed inversely, from a laser printer on computer paper

  • What You'll Do
    • Cut out the verses. All color will transfer, so if there is a border that you do not want to show, be sure to cut it out.
    • Using a sponge brush, spread a thin layer of the acrylic gloss medium on one of the verses (face up). Make sure the paper is evenly covered.
    • Line up the verse (face down) on the wood. Using the gift card, gently smooth the paper out, making sure there are no bubbles. 
    • Repeat the above steps until all verses are face down on the wood. Set aside to dry for an hour and a half. 
    • After the drying time as passed, wet the washcloth with hot water. Don't completely ring the water out. Verse by verse, lay the wet washcloth over the chip of wood. Press down so that the water will seep out a bit. Leave the washcloth on the wood chip for 10-15 minutes.
    • Once the paper looks saturated and you can see through it (see photo below), use your thumb to gently rub the paper away. 
    • Use the washcloth to get rid of the paper fuzzies, then a damp paper towel to clear them completely away.
    • Set the chip of wood aside to dry. 
    • Lastly, using the second sponge brush, spread a thin layer of mod podge over it. Let dry and repeat with one more coat of mod podge. 

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