Be Hoppy! || Easter Décor

March 24, 2016

You know that if you walk into the Hill House you will find some type of seasonal or holiday décor depending on the time of year. As it would be, our house is currently decorated for Easter. Even though this holiday is about much more than bunnies and pastels, I love celebrating this special time with beautiful accents. I'm thankful for a Savior who was mighty to save and for holiday décor :) So come on in, and take a look at my Easter décor! If you were really walking through my front door, I'd offer you something to drink and a sweet treat, so grab yourself both and let's get to the tour....

As always, I love decorating my console table for every single season and holiday. It's my favorite place to add décor. And if you saw my Instagram post from Wednesday evening, you know there's a new basket joining the other pieces.

I love fresh flowers and add them to my décor every chance I can. I also love simplicity and subtle touches. My Easter décor is definitely both of those things. As always most of it is DIY is one way or another, giving me original decorative pieces that you can't find everywhere. 

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