Supper Club || Tapas Style Friendsgiving

November 16, 2015

It's been far too long since we've had Supper Club. The summer and into the start of fall ended up proving difficult to get everyone together with all of us traveling just about every weekend, full schedules, and the general busyness of life. Thankfully, in the month of thanks no less, we were able to find a date that worked for us, and I'm so glad we did!

We left off in July with a hamburger bar that the Everetts put together. In June, the Marone's had an all things spring dinner, and our first Supper Club in March was completely themed for St. Patty's Day at our house. With all of us having hosted now, the cycle started back over again. And I was more than happy to take November and put together a themed meal for all of us to enjoy!

With it being the month of Thanksgiving, I knew a friendsgiving was definitely a must. But as far as a more detailed theme I was stuck until an idea hit me in the shower one morning (where all good ideas strike me). I wanted to take our tapas-style dining experience at Brix in Lexington for our babymoon and use it for this Supper Club friendsgiving theme.

For those of you who are not familiar with this dining style, let me fill you in. Because before Brix, I had no idea such a dining experience existed. Tapas style dining is all about eating smaller portions (almost appetizer like) over the course of an entire meal so that, if you wanted, you could essentially try the entire menu, which is small. For this snacking/appetizer-loving gal, tapas style dining is right up my alley.

So once I had the menu set, husband and I went to working on each course, beginning with appetizers, moving to starters, rounding out to an entrée, and lastly dessert.

psst....check out those utensil holders on the table. They're coming to Hill Collection Designs today and for $2 you can print out as many in one style as you like!

If you notice in the photos from our earlier Supper Clubs, there are no babes (actually present). What makes this Supper Club even more special, is our newest member, baby Marone. And by January's Supper Club, we'll have Baby Hill joining in on the fun too. It makes my heart burst just thinking about our Supper Club expanding as each couple's family grows. The sweetness, I can't even. 

Also take notice there are no photos of our Supper Club group. I failed so badly at getting photos of people! Next time, I'm all over getting better group photos!