Oh Baby! || Week 34

November 17, 2015

A lot has happened in the last week! I'll let the bumpdates below explain it all! But, first....ya'll there are less than six weeks until we meet our girl!! I can't believe just how fast everything is moving these days, and that we are so close to the end of this pregnancy. I can't fathom where the last 33 weeks have gone. I feel so thankful to have carried my girl for this long, and I think it's going to be bittersweet to no longer be pregnant with her. But, I will love being able to bend over again, to get up without a side-to-side scoot, and lay on my stomach! Not to mention, I can't wait to snuggle her. Husband installed the car seat base in the car and put the mirror on the headrest over the weekend. Plus baby Hill's hospital bag is packed. Now I need to get my bag packed. It's getting real!! 

How far along? In the 34th week

Baby's Size: A butternut squash || approximately 17ish-19ish inches and anywhere from 4.2-5.8 pounds

Gender: Sweet girl! 

Baby Fact: Baby girl is recognizing and reacting to simple songs. 

Weight Gain: 24 pounds, right along with the average weight gain. 

Baby's Movement: Baby girl gave a little worry last week after being a mover and shaker on Monday then slowing her movement for the next three days. On Thursday I called our doctor to see if it was a concern, and to be safe they had me come in for a NST to monitor her heartbeat for 20 minutes. Baby girl was and is just fine. More than anything I appreciate that my doctor's office didn't make me feel like an over-cautious mom-to-be who doesn't know what I'm doing. They embraced my concern and had me come right in to make sure all was well. They confirmed these sentiments the next day at my normal appointment and said if I'm ever worried again to call and they'd take care of me. Doctors out there, this is how you should treat your patients :)

Outside of that little scare, baby girl's movements can be quite big sometimes. With sparse space for her to move around, whenever she makes a huge move it's not always the most comfortable. Her daily hiccups are another source for making my belly shake.

Maternity Clothes: With Old Navy, I can still make some non-maternity pieces work, but largely I am in maternity clothes. Again, the comfy clothes are all I want right now. 

Sleep: What's that?? Lately, I haven't been sleeping. The discomfort and inability to find a comfortable spot sleep is hit or miss....mostly miss. Bathroom breaks are back and sometimes it's twice a night. Naps would be perfection if I had the opportunity to take them. So when the weekends are empty, you can bet you'll find me napping at some point. 

Symptoms: Acid reflux is out of control these days and TUMs are only doing so much damage control. More than that, my loosening ligaments are really quite painful at times. And instead of happening every so often, it's every day. I've noticed my first stretch marks **gasp**!!! They popped up on my sides just above my hip bones. I'm thankful they aren't too extreme, but I am not crazy about them for sure. Braxton Hicks are every now and then, but not too terrible. Another symptom I've noticed is that my appetite isn't really there this late into the game. I'm guessing it has a lot to do with my stomach being squished and the lack of room. 

Cravings: I'm still thirsty all the time and anything cold is perfection. Fruit popsicles are awesome, the love of cereal has returned, and like I mentioned eating meals isn't at the top of my list lately. 

Miss Anything? Tying my own shoes. Thank you husband! 

Best Moment This Week: Seeing baby girl! Granted it was an ultrasound machine that didn't have the clearest quality, but still. Seeing my girl was certainly the best. Why did we get to see her?? Because the doctor needed to determine exactly where she is. Turns out she's transverse. Pray with us that she turns herself head down by 37 weeks. If not, they will manually turn her, and I hear it's not comfortable. I'd also prefer they not have to manipulate her like that and cause any risks. We're praying hard and would appreciate your prayers too! 

Worst Moment This Week: Worrying about her lack of movements. But praise to God that all is well. 

Looking Forward To: Our last birthing class!! 

How's Husband? He was such a trooper during last week's birthing class. He handled those birthing videos like a champ, and I know he'll be my biggest support during labor and birth. He keeps saying that birth is going to be fun (of course, he doesn't have to actually birth the baby) and how it will all be worth it to meet our little lady. I love how excited  he is to meet her. 

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