Scarf Swap

October 7, 2015

Autumn is the time of year for cups of piping hot cider, tall riding boots, plaid blankets, fireside fellowship, falling leaves, and cozy scarves. To embrace the season Rachel and I decided a scarf swap was only necessary. Because who doesn't love a good white elephant gift exchange with other bloggers from all over the country?? And even better, who doesn't love a package waiting at their doorstep?!

When my package arrived late last week, I had completely forgotten a scarf swap was in the mix. Let's say it was pregnancy brain. So you can only imagine my excitement and surprise when I opened the package to find a scarf from Shelly! It totally made my day! She had packaged it in such a festive way and with the sweetest note. 

I don't know about you, but plaid is an essential fall pattern for me, and my collection is always looking to expand. With bright and festive colors, this scarf will be sure to bring a vibrant burst of detail to any fall attire. Not to mention, it's an infinity scarf, which is by far my favorite type of scarf to wear. They style themselves and are an effortless accessory, perfect for this gal. What's your favorite way to wear a scarf?? I'm always searching for new inspiration. 

A huge thank you to Shelly at The Queen in Between for the lovely scarf and sweet message!! I hope the Texas weather has cooled off a bit by now!

And I sent my scarf to Blakehead over to her blog to check it out!

Now it's your turn, let's see those scarves! Join Rachel and I by linking up your post for the scarf swap below. Be sure to tag Rachel and I in the post. And if you jump on Instagram to share your scarf, tag us too! We'd love to see how you pair your scarf with all things fall! 

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p.s. Don't forget bloggers, we're linking up tomorrow to share our Halloween décor!! And I can't wait!! xo