[Happy] Halloween Décor

October 8, 2015

With the start of October, the gateway to the holidays opened. And my holiday-loving heart is so full of joy for all the happiness that comes from the holiday season, which I deem from October 1 through Christmas day. This year, the holidays have a whole different kind of excitement attached to them. Yup, baby girl is due the day after Christmas and really that could mean any time in December. So as we near the most wonderful time of year, we get closer and closer to meeting our girl. The thrill is tangible in our house right now! 

But, back to the holidays, and more specifically Halloween! This particular holiday is just fun; it's whimsical and a delight. I really loved taking a spin on last year's decorations to create this year's look. I feel like I am constantly evolving in my home and holiday décor. There's always something changing, being tweaked, or a style becoming more apparent. This year, I kept a theme for my Halloween look by sticking to orange, black, purple, and white. There are a few pops of other colors, like green, but I kept that minimal. Come on in to the Hill House and take a look...

And if you've been around the blog long enough, you know we'll be starting this tour at the console table!

For me, decorating for anything is all about a theme and making sure there is texture and a variation of height and depth. To bring my console table full circle, I opted for simple black candlestick holders from Target to boost my pumpkins up. With low-hanging frames, I didn't need extreme height, and these candlestick holders did just the trick. 

Books are also a great option for giving something height! And the best part is that they don't cost you a thing (granted you must already own them).

Like I said, purple, black, and orange were my main color sources in decorating. And really for Halloween that's not too hard to find decorative pieces in your color scheme. A great way to add a pop of vibrancy to your décor is to fill an apothecary jar with ornaments. These lovelies were found at Michaels. And I'm a shopping on a budget kind of gal, which means I scored the ornaments at 50% with an additional 25% off. That's how I decorate, smartly and cost effectively! 

Little silver pumpkins helped to break up the color, while also adding texture. And I'm a sucker for twinkling lights, making this haunted house (lit by an LED light strand) an extra treat. 

The next hot spot to decorate in my family room is the mantle. I love garland, and when husband stumbled across this black, sparkly, AND light-up garland last November in Pier 1 on major clearance, well it had to come home with me. After waiting almost an entire year to use it, I have to say I'm smitten over husband's great find! Again, there are twinkle lights and that's got me all kinds of happy! 

I kept the mantle simple with just black and white accents, which I love! There's sweet lighting, which is so cozy at night, and a pitcher accented with black feathers. 

Over the last year, I've fallen in love with this metallic tree (found at Pier 1 last fall). It's been the best to decorate for the seasons and holidays. This year I found Halloween ornaments to add to it, and I'm so happy with the turnout. 

To bring some of the twinkle light action to the other side of the room, I added these DIY Halloween luminaries that I made last year. Since my pop of green is over here, the set of jars was perfect for this table. My DIY bats from last year didn't come out this year, mostly because I was feeling too tired to put them all up!

Who remembers the FREE Halloween printable I am sending to all those who link-up?? Do you spot it above as a 5x7?? 

My last Halloween touch inside is the chalkboard in the kitchen. It just got a simple doodle and some bunting, bringing the festiveness of the holiday to another room. 

Last, but not least is my front door/porch area. I kept it simple this year (don't worry the real pumpkins are coming) by using the reclaimed pumpkins husband and I made last year paired with a cute doormat, flowers, and a DIY wreath which is still a work in progress. 

So there you have it, the Hill House decorated for Halloween! I'm kind of giddy over the way it all turned out! 

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