Oh Baby! || Week 30

October 20, 2015

30 weeks feels like a huge milestone! This pregnancy has really been the sweetest, and on the whole it's been fabulous. I truly can't complain about much. Symptoms are symptoms and are to be expected while carrying a baby. So although the acid reflux can really put a damper (or rather a fire) in random times of the day, the last 30 weeks have been mostly blissful. For that I feel very fortunate. There's nothing so wonderful as the gift of life and the responsibility of nurturing and caring for it. I can't wait to meet this girl of ours, and it's going to be oh so soon!

How far along? In the 30th week

Baby's Size: A cucumber || approximately 17ish inches and anywhere from 2.5 to 3.8 pounds

Gender: Sweet girl! 

Baby Fact: Baby girl's skin is getting smoother while her brain is getting wrinklier as it makes way for the essential brain tissue. Her new trick, she is now strong enough to grasp a finger!

Weight Gain: 14 pounds as of last week's doctor's visit.

Baby's Movement: The bigger she gets to more solid her movements are becoming. There are still some random jerks, but now when she moves I mostly feel all of her. She's running out of room to do flips and turns I do believe. The downside to these stronger movements is when she gets me in a really uncomfortable place, like my ribs or near my hip bones. Girl still loves her nightly dance sessions when I lay down. 

Maternity Clothes: There are some pre-pregnancy items I am stretching, literally, to make work (think dresses and sweatshirts). I have taken to wearing some of husband's sweatshirts though. And at any given time I would much rather be in sweats than in going-out/work clothes. #allaboutthatcomfort

Sleep: It's hit or miss. With the fatigue returning my sleep is getting better, however, I'm back to my nightly bathroom break. I'm no longer sleeping through that. 

Symptoms: Keep the TUMs coming because this acid reflux is going nowhere! My back is still giving me the aches, my left foot and lower leg will occasionally swell, bending over now looks like I'm working on my squats, tying shoes/just getting them on is becoming trickier, and the tiredness is oh so real. 

Cravings: Super cold drinks, fruit (still on the pomegranate train), orange & spice tea. Desserts are still my love, but I haven't been craving them nor cereal as much. Eating is getting harder as baby girl gets bigger and causes my organs to squish closer together. I just can't get as much in anymore. 

Miss Anything? Being able to eat and drink whatever. The limitations can be dull sometimes, but in the end so worth it. 

Best Moment This Week: The harvest baby shower my sister and mom threw for me this past weekend! I'll be sharing all about it this week!

Worst Moment This Week: The cold/sinus infection ordeal. 

Looking Forward To: Finishing up baby girl's nursery and revealing it!

How's Husband? You've never seen baby clothes look so cute when he's holding up a pair of footie pajamas. He talks about baby girl all the time and how much he is looking forward to meeting her and holding her. They're going to be one dynamic duo those two, I can already tell!

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