Babymooning Pt 3

October 19, 2015

Happy Monday, friends! Because you know you were just itching to see the final chunk of photos from husband and my babymooning adventures, I thought I'd kick this week off with our time in Lexington. We spent our entire Saturday exploring downtown, which boasts so much history. From Stonewall to Lee, streets that took 20 years to lower, and two military schools, Lexington is not short on all-American facts and fun tidbits. 

When we first got to Lexington, mid-afternoon, we stopped into a sweet little bakery to grab soup and a treat to split. Because that's what mushy, gushy married couples do on their babymoon. In reality, we split it because we needed something to get us through until dinner, but didn't want to fill up because dinner wasn't far off. However, I could have totally finished off the pumpkin cranberry dessert by myself with plenty of room to spare ;) 

We had booked a carriage ride for 4 PM, so until that time we walked around downtown and stopped in a few shops. The buildings are beautiful and the foliage breathtaking. There is so much charm to the area, and you can't help but ogle over it all. The little exploration we did by foot excited us for the carriage ride and the rest of the city we would be seeing.

I told you there is a lot of history in Lexington, so when we stumbled upon this plaque I was interested to see what it documented from a time long ago. And then I read it, and I laughed. Humor and being able to poke fun at yourself can be a good thing sometimes :) 

Then we found this place, and it was as if the store was made for me! A shop that carries the love of pumpkins throughout the entire year is what I'm talking about. And it really did live up to being the 'cutest darn store ever.' 

Mind you, this is the only photo we had taken over the entire weekend. We are SO bad at getting photos of ourselves when we go on trips or do anything for that matter. We wouldn't have had this photo if a kind lady hadn't asked if she could take a photo of us. Bless her for asking! 

Can you see that sweet little bump that's a bit camouflaged with the stripes?? Baby girl loved all the relaxation and food from our babymoon. 

You're looking at Stonewall Jackson's home; it turns out he didn't live in it very long because of going away to war. When he died the house was used as a hospital, and later his wife sold it to the United Daughters of the Confederacy with one exception, that it become a place of remembrance to her husband. Jackson's granddaughter was still living when it was turned into a museum and was able to describe how the home had been set up while Jackson and his wife lived there, making the inside a very close replica of how it truly looked while he resided in it. 

We traveled all around Lexington, taking in the most beautiful homes, both military schools (VMI and Washington & Lee), both Jackson's home and Lee's, as well as the cemetery where Jackson is buried.

On our trip, my horse dander allergies flared horribly when Abe, the horse on the right, shook while at a standstill. You could see the dander come off of his coat in one thick sheet, and it floated right at me. Being that husband and I were in the front see of the carriage there was no avoiding it. Just imagine, pregnant me, already fighting a cold/sinus infection, now sneezing and coughing through watering eyes. I was a sight I'm sure. And it must have been a distraction enough because the guide finally asked if I was allergic. Why, yes, yes I am. Note to self, never sit in the front of a horse drawn carriage even if it's the only seat available. Ask someone to trade with spots with you.

To kill time after our carriage ride and before dinner we stopped in a café for coffee. I went for an autumn spiced iced coffee and husband opted for the maple spiced latte. Both were amazing! 

Our our way to dinner I spotted this sign, and well a photo had to be taken.Virginia has been home my entire life so of course it was fitting.

Brix was our dinner spot, and it was SO much fun! It's a tapas style restaurant where they serve in smaller portions, allowing you to basically sample the entire menu (which is small) if you so desire! Husband and I had the best time working through appetizers, main dishes, and side dishes. We left with full and happy bellies. If you are ever in Lexington, Virginia, and you need a restaurant for dinner I highly recommend stopping here. If you're with small children, it might not be the best spot because there is no kid's menu, but I think you could make it work!

With this particular serving style, you order throughout the entire meal, and the food comes out from the kitchen fresh as you order. So everything is served hot and it gives you the opportunity to eat at your pace. It was our first tapas-style experience and we can't wait to find another restaurant locally that does the same!

Once we finished up dinner we headed back to the inn for our last night. On this particular night we were extra spoiled with brownie sundaes and milk. I have to admit that I'm missing the nightly, 9:00 PM knock on my door with a cookie/sweets delivery! 

If you're looking to babymoon, I say do it! It's such a relaxing experience and once you'll need to prepare for change of life (in the best of ways) once baby arrives! If you have any questions about where we stopped or what we did while in Goshen, Lexington, Hot Springs, and/or Warm Springs don't hesitate to send me an email or leave a comment below!!