Oh Baby! || Week 23

September 1, 2015

Every week brings something new and exciting as baby Hill grows. Daily, I become more and more aware of how different life will be once she arrives, and in the best kinds of way. Husband and I love to talk about her and imagine the type of person she will be, like we did last night while laying on the floor of her room. 

How far along? In the 23rd week 

Baby's Size: A grapefruit || approximately 12+ inches and anywhere from 16 oz to 20.8 oz

Gender: Sweet girl! 

Baby Fact: Baby girl's face is fully formed now and she just needs a little extra fat to fill it out. She's listening to my voice and heartbeat, as well as other loud sounds like cars honking and dogs barking.  

Weight Gain: 10 pounds, oh baby!

Baby's Movement: Husband has officially felt his daughter move. Last Wednesday night (August 26) we were hanging out with our people when baby girl really amped her movements, being strong enough that husband could feel them easily. I loved watching his face as he felt her wiggle. To top that off, she surprised us Sunday night (August 30) by displaying her sweet movements across my belly. Being able to see her movements, in addition to feel the, was the neatest! I couldn't stop watching my belly and her every move. So fun!

Maternity Clothes: I tried wearing a pre-pregnancy t-shirt last week and fought it the entire day, pulling it down to cover my growing bump. Outside of some of my pre-pregnancy dresses and a couple of tanks, I'm wearing all maternity clothes these days.

Sleep: Sunday night amounted in no sleep. I was so uncomfortable, and baby girl was moving non-stop (hello, little night owl). I'm hopeful the rest of the week isn't similar because this mama-to-be needs her sleep.

Symptoms: Acid reflux is miserable and tends to hit me when I'm laying down, whether it be on my back or side. My back is giving me a bit of discomfort as my body shifts to accommodate the weight of my belly.

Cravings: I'm still all about the sweets, and it's giving me the biggest craving to bake. I'm also quite thirsty and there's nothing like ice water. 

Miss Anything? Outside of my normal sleep, nothing really. 

Best Moment This Week: Seeing her movements ripple across my belly! And we loved getting the crib together and set up in her room. It makes our once guest room, really feel like her nursery :) 

Worst Moment This Week: Getting no sleep on Sunday night

Looking Forward To: The unofficial start of fall (hello, September!) and all the fall goodness and adventures that it brings!

How's Husband? He's the sweetest as always, and it's been so wonderful to share in baby girl's movements with him. We were both full of giggles and excitement when witnessed her moving; sharing that together was really special. He's in the building mode to get things done for her nursery. After checking the crib off the list, he's now moving on to the shelving we'll be installing (I can't wait to share that!). Outside of that, he's really handling the start of another year of grad school with full-time work. He makes me proud! 

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