Harvest Brunch

August 31, 2015

Happy last day of August! Tomorrow marks the unofficial start of fall for me; September is the gateway to autumn and the holidays. What's not to love? Fittingly, husband and I had the opportunity to enjoy a Harvest Brunch in the mountains of my home county yesterday. After church we skirted off to Mountain Lake to enjoy the cool temperature, the over-cast weather conditions, and the delicious food. It couldn't have been a better little trip for the two of us. Because who doesn't love a hazy, lazy Sunday with your favorite person?!

So to help you get a feel for where we brunched....who has ever seen Dirty Dancing?? Mountain Lake is the spot where a good chunk of the movie was filmed. And if you've ever been to "the top of the world" then you would know why they selected that spot. Not only is it gorgeous, but the drive is just as stunning. I'm a huge fan of aimlessly driving and sharing deep conversation while doing so. The trip up the mountain is definitely one of those drives for me, but this time we had a reason for heading that way. 

Brunch was incredible and far surpassed my expectations. Husband and I enjoyed a whole variety of food from mashed potatoes and chicken and dumplings to shrimp and seafood pasta. There was one of everything, or so it seemed. And of course, there was dessert! We brunched our way through the incredible food on the porch section of the dining room. It was cool almost to the point of chilly, which this fall-loving heart was crazy about. 

After we ate, we walked around the property briefly and chatted about life now and what we imagine it will be like with baby girl in tow. The next four months will be precious time for husband and I before life as we know it changes forever. And while savoring that, we also can't contain our elation to meet our daughter. 

In 2008 the natural lake began to drain, and by the end of that year the lake had completely dried up. So while there isn't much lake to to look at, it's still beautiful with a ton of charm. And the changing leaves at the top of the mountain were also a favorite of mine. 

It was the perfect Sunday, truly from church and a brunch, followed by a nap and House Group. I need the repeat button for this weekend, please! If you're local, Mountain Lake is a must-do, whether you're going up for a meal, just to look/walk around, or for some type of outdoor adventure (last year we did their tree-top adventure course and had a blast!). Husband and I loved brunch so much that we are in the talks about heading back up for their Oktoberfest this year!

I hope you have a lovely Monday! Week 23 will be up tomorrow for baby girl's bumpdate. See you then! xo